Announcing My New Book!


Release Date: September 30, 2022

Love can  blossom  in surprising ways and in unexpected places. So it is  for Claire Wynter, who has returned to the U.S. from a successful search  for her missing grandmother in Jamaica. Claire brings back with her the memory of a nascent romance and her promise to return to Karl Grayson “soon.” But prejudice wears many faces and is found in unsuspecting places.  Claire’s brief brush with prejudice while on the island stalls her plan to return to Karl. She doesn’t connect with him until after three weeks have passed  and  with much soul-searching. She now  tries to reach him on the island.

Here’s an excerpt from Island Hearts:

For no apparent reason, she lingered after getting dressed to go to work—to go to the busyness of the office  where she  could immerse herself  in her many duties and forget. She kept stalling and postponing going out the door. Then everything began coming into view—the last three days  on the island—the romance of it all—the scene at the airport—her promise to return soon.  It was all rushing out  like water gushing from  an open fire hydrant.

I’ll call him. That’s what I’ll do. After all, I was the one who left. Good manners would dictate that I’m the one to call. She’d made her decision. For a moment she felt rattled by the boldness of the thought, but soon regained her composure. She’d go into work late. She’s call him. Then it occurred to her she didn’t  have Karl Grayson’s  telephone number. That was more than an annoyance, but not having his number was understandable since he was the one who did all the calling to her aunt’s house number and asked to speak with her. After only a brief hesitation, she figured out what to do.

Is Claire doing the right thing? Could Karl Grayson overlook three weeks without any word from her? How could she explain the patch of silence?




    • Judith Nembhard

      Mrs. Risden,
      What a joy and a surprise to hear from you! I hope you’ll be able to get my book; I think you’ll enjoy reading it.

      Are things going well at Kingsway? From time to time I talk with Mrs. Ryan and get a general update. Blessings to you and everyone at the school. JN

    • Judith Nembhard

      Hello Ramona,

      Good to hear from you. My announcement is an early shout-out to get everyone ready when the book is released on September 30 and becomes available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. It’s on the publisher’s website with a pre-order discount, but that applies to the UK where the book is published. I have copies (sold one this morning). I used to send out copies at the regular price plus postage, but postage is getting to be probibitive. I mailed a copy to Jamaica this morning, It cost $27.00 to do so–a bit steep. I’ll remind everyone about getting copies on Amazon when I post on October 1.

      Thanks for your support.

      Best blessings,

    • Judith Nembhard

      Hello Ouida,
      September 30 is the big release date. It will be on Amazon and Barnes & Noble then.
      Thank you for being a supportive friend and reaader. I think you’ll enjoy Island Hearts. JN