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It’s a turbulent time on the island. A grandmother has disappeared. Resisting her parents’ objections to her going back into the violence they had fled to settle in the U.S., twenty-six-year-old Claire Wynter returns to the place of her childhood to help the family members there search for the missing grandmother with whom she had lived as a child and whom she loves almost as much as she does her own mother.

Once on the island, Claire receives a jolt of reality. The family members have given up their search, feeling that the prevailing violence had swallowed up the grandmother, so it was useless looking for her. Claire finds herself a one-woman search party, but she feels certain her grandmother is alive and begins her search. She accepts help from an unlikely source and sets out on a venture she could not have undertaken on her own. The suspenseful path to finding her grandmother leads through missteps, dashed hopes, and to a beckoning romance. Everyone involved-most of all Claire-is unprepared for the outcome.




Romance and villainy meet when Myra Hale returns to her Caribbean island home to become the academic dean at Carmel College. Resentful that his handpicked man wasn’t selected for the position, Don Frost, the college president, instigates a series of attacks to undermine Myra Hale s success. Through every confrontation with the president, Myra remains confident in her calling and commitment to serve at the college. But she hadn’t counted on having a romantic encounter with Stanley Blakemore, a charming, attractive psychology professor at the island s prestigious university. Myra struggles to maintain her passion for serving at the college and her newly aroused romantic feelings. As events rush toward their dramatic conclusion, Myra is forced to choose her true calling.






The birth of a child can bring indescribable joy and eager anticipation to a couple, but what happens when time reveals that the child has an irreversible disability? What does the couple do, and what becomes of the child? How does God break through the disappointment to reveal himself in such a situation? Mr. Michael: Journeying with My Special Son draws upon the difficult yet joyful road the author traveled raising a child with autism. The book takes the reader into her defiant struggle from despair to acceptance and fulfillment for her and her son.

The heartwarming story is written with the Church in mind, but everyone can benefit from reading it. With autism becoming more prevalent in the society today, Christian families are not exempt from being touched by this disability. The book is intended to raise awareness in the church family, whose members can learn to be supportive of parents facing the reality of physical brokenness in the form of autism.




A Christian college campus has a culture of its own. Breaking Away takes us to a small Pennsylvania town onto the campus of New Lebanon College, where the culture is beginning to change drastically. Dr. Lola McIntyre, a brilliant young professor, committed to her faith, arrives back on campus for the opening convocation to begin the new school year only to find that the college president, Harold Drinkwater, and his academic dean, Spencer Burns, have stepped up their drive toward making the college prominent in the academic world at the expense of its spiritual life. Sensing that the erosion of religion on the campus has started in earnest, Lola joins some of her colleagues in an effort to keep spirituality at the center of campus life. The struggle creates upheavals that threaten the life of the institution. The crises mount, but the president ignores them in his single-minded push toward academic prominence. Change becomes his operative word. In the midst of resisting the unwanted change and trying to set the spiritual life of the college back on course, Lola McIntyre experiences an unexpected, life-changing encounter. Change comes to New Lebanon College, and irresistible change comes to Dr. Lola McIntyre.